Community over competition - Interview with Jessica Lily Photography

Community over competition - Interview with Jessica Lily Photography

Me and Jess have become super close recently given the powers of social media - i think it's important to have close relations with others who understand your line of work as being self employed can be very lonely!

Jess approached me on this idea of talking about community over competition so we have decided to do an interview style take over! 

    Jess, if you could sum up community over competition what would you say?

    Firstly. I would say how the hell is it not a thing across the industry as a whole!? Being self employed can be lonely. also confusing and building relationships with others who have similar interests to you is so beneficial.Community over competition, for me is a powerful movement.Its a group of people to lean on when times are tough and I need a good old rant! also we all refer couples to each other so we help grow each others business's. It's a win win! 

    We sparked a beautiful relationship over our love for food and memes, but what advice would you give someone who doesn't have much confidence  with reaching out to others via social media? 

    This was me about two years ago, I was really in my shell, intimidated by others. What really helped me was organising styled shoots! I got to build relationships with other suppliers across the industry, there’s some great Facebook groups out there bursting with talent waiting to have their goods captured by you! you get beautiful content, as weak as making a new network of friends 

    What drives you on a day to day basis?

    There’s a couple of things, one being my current couples. On a day where I decide to pick holes in my work (it’s what us creatives do best!) I look back at my reviews which drives me.Also  it’s got to be the baby currently cooking away in my tummy. I’ve been wishing to be a mum for a really long time after a battle with infertility and pregnancy loss. It’s very personal, but it’s drives me to keep pushing on daily!

      Your branding is beautiful, how did you find you sense of style and how you wanted to be seen as a photographer? 

      This is always a tough one for me to answer. I think the penny dropped for when I photographed a wedding in Seattle last year, I was finally proud of the work I created and from there I found my style of editing and working!

      What are your top tips for anyone struggling with feeling creative during lockdown? 

      If you need a day off, take it!

      Do some self portraits, people love to see who's behind the brand and camera

      Ask suppliers if they have any old samples they would like to photograph for them.This creative energy for you and they will get you some great content!

      And finally if you had to watch one tv show on repeat for the rest of your life what would it be?!

      AH its got to be friends!!!

        photo credit - @Jessicalilyphotography